E-lottery syndicates, which were established back in 2002, have been helping players from all over the world improve their odds when playing lotteries like the UK Lottory, the Euromillions, and El Gordo Lottery. Wherever you live in the world you can enjoy playing any of these lotteries; you don’t have to live in the country where it is played. What’s more, the E-Lottery Syndicates system is simple and easy to manage and play. You can pay weekly and it’s your decision whether you play for a single week or a whole year. For £5 a week you can increase your odds of winning the jackpot by over 700%.

The UK Lotto

The UK Lotto is popular because of its big prizes and the fact that it is so simple to play with a good range of prizes. 49 people are placed in each of the e-lottery syndicates and this gives each player in the syndicate 88 chances of winning.

Each syndicate is given a group of five numbers which are common numbers and played on every line with each of the 44 remaining numbers being allotted to individual lines. Effectively, this means that you only need to match 5 numbers in order to win the jackpot; the odds are reduced from approximately 1 in 14 million down to 1 in 1.9 million.

The Euromillions

The Euromillions has one of the biggest jackpots in the world that has reached over £100m and this was the second of the e-lottery syndicates to be introduced. You don’t have to be a resident of any of the participating countries when you sign up to a syndicate and the cost is £5 per week.

Your e-lottery syndicate is guaranteed to match the two lucky star numbers at the very least and this guarantee means that your odds of winning any of the available cash prizes are 36 times better. You’ve got a 1 in 2.1m chance of sharing the jackpot prize rather than the 1 in 76.2m chance that you would normally have when going it alone.

The El Gordo Lottery

E-lottery syndicates can also be played on the El Gord Spanish lottery improving your odds of winning, and even guaranteeing that you will share in at least one cash prize. The El Gordo is a massive annual lottery, and there are large monthly Spanish super draws that you can enjoy playing with e-lottery syndicates.